BlackX provides a full range of marketing services for all your needs, such as translation of press releases, websites and other material (e.g. presentations, fact sheets, brochures, banners etc) processed quickly by our independent german geologist.

Social Networks

Social Networks

BlackX specializes in applying new mediums such as social media to create awareness for your company in Europe and North America.

Editorial Work

Editorial Work

BlackX manages the regular production and distribution of editorial articles, analyst coverage, newsletters articles (all in German), aside from our regular marketing activities to bring new shareholders for your company.

The Team behind BlackX

Our team has a capital market expertise of more than 15 years. Especially through numerous on-site visits to commodity companies, we were able to gain extensive expertise in these areas.

We are in a unique position to deliver added value to listed companies. Our knowledge covers a wide range of marketing areas, both online and offline.

Newsletter Subscribers
Website Visitors Per Month
Social Media Followers

Press Release Translation and Distribution

  • We manage your press release translations into German and their distribution through Germany‘s largest content prodiver.
  • Your news appear on Germany‘s largest financial websites, such as or

German Research Coverage

with the collaboration of a German research label

  • Specializes in the analysis and valuation of publicly listed companies
  • Provides research to private and institutional investors
  • Well known in the German financial community
  • Huge expertise in Mining & Technology stocks
  • Existing track-record
  • 2,200+ qualified Facebook followers

Drone Site Visit Reports

  • Newest, high quality 4K equipment GPS controlled drone.
  • Full HD video camera for site interviews.
  • Professional German video editing plus additional in house animated graphics.
  • Professional German voice-over.


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Marc Reinemuth, CEO

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DE-69190 Walldorf, Germany